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Video Name: In The Gutter (2008)
Category: Others
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Description: From the moment Shakespeare wrote his first fart joke, audiences have loved gross-out humor. In this Starz Inside documentary, take a trip through the history of taboo-busting comedy that began with slapstick and led to the most notorious Internet video in history, with stops at every infamous penis, poo, puke and pie gag in-between. Itís a totally uncensored look at the scenes that make you want to look away, featuring interviews with John Waters, Lin Shaye, Stephen Furst, Peter Riegert, David Ansen and more, with classic clips from AMERICAN PIE, JACKASS, ANIMAL HOUSE, PORKYíS, VAN WILDER, ROAD TRIP, MONTY PYTHONíS THE MEANING OF LIFE, KENTUCKY FRIED MOVIE, BLAZING SADDLES, H.O.T.S., THEREíS SOMETHING ABOUT MARY, KNOCKED UP and beyond.
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