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Video Name: Embodiment of Evil (2008)
Category: Horror and Thriller
Video Views: 1,849
Description: After years of imprisonment in a mental ward of the State Penitentiary, Coffin Joe is finally released. Back on the streets the sadistic undertaker is intent on fulfilling the mission that got him jailed the first time: find a woman who can beget a perfect son. Accompanied by his faithful servant, hunchbacked Bruno, Joe finds refuge in an underground hideaway located in a large shantytown in São Paulo and here he begins living with a sect of psychos indoctrinated by Bruno during his absence. Coffin Joe is tormented by the specters of his past victims, but continues skeptical and determined, believing these encounters to be mere manifestations of his unconscious mind. Among the women chosen to be tested are Hilda, who is submitted to a sadistic ritual involving drugs, mutilations and cannibalism, and young Elena, possessed by Coffin Joe under the crucified body of one of her blind aunts. One of his hallucinations takes him to Purgatory where he meets the Mystifier, an angel-demon who reveals surrealistic horrors to him. Upon his return to reality, he continues testing other women and the wave of attacks leave behind a trail of crimes, which impel the police to hunt him down and try to kill him. Joe manages to escape into an amusement park while supernatural forces grow closer. Death lingers in the air, heralding an apocalyptic and mysterious destiny.
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