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Video Name: Bratz Pampered Petz A Rescue Adventure (2009)
Category: Animation
Video Views: 5,587
Description: New adventures of quite [glamorous] girls in the world! [Bratz] become acquainted with the once well-known Mexican singer of Dolores [Reyts], who takes away homeless animals from the shelters in order to save their lives. But the kindness of those surrounding does not give to one envious neighbour rest. It decides to state into the police so that they would take away the animals, and they expelled neighbour from the house for the disturbance of law. Only [Bratz] can save the position: to help animal to find masters, to reconcile by Dolores and its daughter, to take vengeance upon contrary neighbour, and also not to forget to visit Centi-Pa- salon and sale of new fashionable accessories!
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