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Video Name: Razor's Ring (2008)
Category: Horror and Thriller
Video Views: 1,749
Description: An unassuming businessman is abducted by a pair of psychotic killers and held prisoner by a family of cannibalistic maniacs. Initially relieved to hear that he will be granted his freedom after meeting with the family's elderly matriarch Red, white-collar worker Scott and two other prisoners are subsequently brutalized within an inch of their lives. Later, when Scott's fellow prisoners are released, it begins to appear that the murderous tyrants have held good to their word. Any shred of hope is subsequently squelched, however, when Scott is welcomed as an honored guest at a special celebratory dinner, and discovers the "released" prisoner's ring in the food. Realizing that he will be the next item on the menu if he doesn't act fast, Scott prepares to swiftly turn the tables on his sadistic captors.
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